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Why I Love Church Online

Life gets to be chaotic and sometimes the day of rest literally turns into a day of not leaving the house, or my bed for that matter. I always try to incorporate Church into my Sundays somehow and being able to watch my Church’s service online, every week, has been really enjoyable. I go to City First Church in Rockford IL and they have the option of streaming their services at anytime which makes it easy to follow a long and stay updated with my community.

Other than the fact that my life can get busy (and I can be lazy from time to time) some weeks I like the alone time to be able to watch the service by myself and have that time to pray and worship. It’s nice to be with a large community, but sometimes there are heavier prayers that need to be taken up to God and it's comforting to be able to do that worship in my own home.

There aren’t a lot of Churches that have services on Sunday night and that is typically when I find the time to be alone and watch each weeks service, so having it saved online for me to watch anytime has made my Sunday flow a lot easier.

I believe that God doesn’t punish or penalize us for missing Church if we have legit reasons other than “I was too tired”, but now I have zero excuses to miss a service and it has honestly removed guilt from my shoulders and made my conversations with God a little less apologetic. I have stopped saying I’m sorry for missing my Sunday time with him and have started thanking him for it.

Here is a link to a recent message I enjoyed:


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