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All Things Hair

Short hair can be one of the easiest and most difficult things to style. I have had short hair for a little over a year now and at first I had to Pinterest just about every hairstyle other than down and straight. I learned that no matter how many times I searched Pinterest for hairstyles that it was really about finding what looked best on my face shape and styles that I was able to accomplish. Here are some of my favorite styles for shorter hair. I included styling products I love and tend to use with each hairstyle.

Straightened Hair

This is my go to, whether it be for class, work, or a date, it never fails. I have naturally straight hair, so this almost takes no time and makes me feel polished even if I only had ten minutes to do my hair. To get a slick and shiny look, I use Redken's "extreme anti-snap". I put this in my hair right after a shower on my wet hair and then I run a brush through it to make sure I have spread the product all the way to the ends of my hair. This product is something I started using in high school when I had to cut my hair because of heat damage. Since I started using this, I haven't had a problem with damaged ends or static hair in the winter.

Slicked Bun

If I only have about five minutes to do my hair, I part my hair down the middle and use a comb or my fingers to slick my hair back into a low bun. Since my hair is short, I don't twist the hair into a bun. I put my hair into a low pony tail and then on the second loop I only pull the hair partially through the hair tie so that it results in a bun. To finish it off, I grab a comb and spray "the kicker" by Drybar over the top of my hair. I use the comb to brush the product into my hair and slowly slick all the flyaways down.

Half Up, Half Down

I’ve realized that I have very flat and thick hair, so I started using the product “triple sec” by Drybar. This product adds volume and texture to my hair and is great for ponytails, half up looks, and curls. I go through a can of this in under two weeks and have been searching for a less expensive alternative, but it makes my hair look finished with extra volume and I'm not sure it can be beat. Half up, half down is a great look for class or for a casual day out with friends. It is minimal effort and doesn't have to look put together. More bumps means more volume.

High Bun With Hair Accessory

I call this the "I haven't washed my hair in a few days look". If I'm on the go or about to spend a full day at the library, I typically put my hair up to keep it out of my face. Since my hair is too short to go into a bun or a ponytail, I have to use some bobby pins and a headband to keep it up. These headbands are actually stylish and very comfortable versus the athletic headband alternative. I got these headbands from Francesca's and have since gone back for many more colors and patterns. To keep my hair feeling fresh and clean, I use "detox dry shampoo" by Drybar. This completely gets rid of the oily look and is great for blonde hair. (Drybar also has dry shampoo for brunettes) I have tried several brands of dry shampoo and this is the only one with a great smell and lasts all day.

A few other products I love are Matrix purple shampoo, this helps remove any brassy colors from my blonde hair and keeps it more of a platinum blonde. When I had damaged hair in high school, I used Pantene daily moisture renewal. This helped mend broken ends and keep my hair looking healthy and shiny.


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