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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: "Can I just have the raw files or unedited photos too?"

A: No, I don't give out the unedited images. The 50-60 edited images you receive will be edited and available for high resolution downloads!


Q: "Can I bring as many outfits as I want?"

A: I prefer you bring only two, but if there is an extra jacket or blazer you want to bring, go for it!! (This applies to 1 hour sessions only)


Q: "But how will I even know what to do in front of the camera? I'm terrible at posing!

A: I will pose you for almost every single picture and do my best to make you feel comfortable during your session!


Q: "What kind of payment do you prefer?"

A:Payment through your contract is available for your convenience!


Q: "When will I get my photos back?"

A: 3-4 weeks! I will let you know when your gallery is on its way over to you!


Q: "What is your studio address and how do I get there?"

A:  821 1st Ave, Rockford, IL 61104. Go to the page "studio photography" on my website for detailed directions


Q: "Can I do half of my shoot at one location and then half of the shoot at a different location?"

A: Yes! We can travel to two separate locations, but I ask that you schedule a 2hour shoot so that we have plenty of time at each location, time to travel, and time for you to change.

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