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Studio Photography

821 First St, Rockford, IL 61104

Studio photography is what I love most and it pushes me to create on a blank canvas. Between, models, styling, posing and lighting, I get to create something unique to me and my creativity. Below you can find photos of the studio space itself and at the bottom of the page are detailed instruction on how to get there and where to park! 


  • white seamless cyclorama


  • Portable makeup station


  • Clothing rack and hangers

  • 4 rotating automatic seamless backdrops

  • Separate lounge space

  • 3 different colored couches that can be used as props

  • fully stocked Nespresso coffee bar


Studio features:

Parking and Entrance Details:

- GPS will take you to the door on first ave, but this is not the entrance to the photo studio

- Drive up a little further and turn right on Fifth avenue and then turn right immediately after into the gated parking lot

- The door closest to the window is the entrance to the photo studio

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