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Bangin' Brows

Is it weird that the best compliment I could receive is: “wow, you have really nice eyebrows.” I didn’t come by these full, dark, and shaped eyebrows naturally. When someone compliments them, I feel like someone is complimenting all of my hard work. It’s almost like all of those years of over-plucking, bad waxes, and threading were worth it.

I naturally have blonde, almost white, colored eyebrows. They are naturally full, but I spent my early teenage years with a tweezer glued to my hand every night before bed until I barely even had eyebrows. Once I got to high school I saw an advertisement for the new “Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade”. I watched as a girl with eyebrows just like mine were transformed into full, gorgeous arches. I knew I had to try it and once I did, I was hooked.

I still had thin Nike strips for eyebrows, so it took a few years for them to grow back. I was advised to switch from threading over to waxing at a professional brow bar versus a salon. I was fortunate enough to meet Tessa, who showed me that, not only could I get my brows waxed, but tinting them would make them more visible and look more defined. Going to see someone who is a licensed esthetician can be life changing considering I have been seeing Tessa for two years now and have a hard time going anywhere else.

Tessa owns her store in Dekalb, Illinois called Kalon Beauty Bar and is a master at all things brows, but she also provides lash services too. Along with blonde eyebrows, I also have blonde eyelashes, so Tessa tints them black to look as if I have mascara on. This has made me feel a lot more confident in my natural look. I recently started perming my lashes too which gives my eyes a more open look, it also makes my lashes look longer and fuller. I highly recommend giving this a try along with tinting your lashes. After I get mine done, I completely remove mascara from my makeup routine for about a month and it feels great to save that time in the morning and the money on tubes of mascara.

Without help and patience, I would still have nearly invisible and thin eyebrows. I think the best thing anyone who wants to improve their eyebrows can do is to put down the tweezers, let them grow for at least a month and then talk to people with admirable brows. See where they get their brows done and who does them, because it really is a game of trust and finding the right person, salon, or friend, will ultimately make the difference in having a pair of bangin’ brows.


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