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Why I Got a Tattoo and Why You Should Too.


I personally grew up with a strong grudge against tattoos and never had the desire to get one once I turned 18. I get bored easily and I’m constantly changing my room décor, my style, and my hair length. The idea of something so permanent was a big turn off for me. One day I got a text from my Mom of a picture of an old birthday card that my Dad had given me when I was younger that was signed “Love Dad.” I’m not one to want a sentimental tattoo that would warrant me to tell everyone who asked that my dad had passed away, but something about seeing his handwriting and the message in the card made me want to carry that with me everyday. I finally understood why people got tattoos. That little signature was art to me, even if it wasn’t art to anyone else.

If you are considering getting a tattoo, it can be a fun conversation piece when you meet new people (if it's a visible tattoo). It's a constant accessory that's unique to you. I chose to put mine in a moderately hidden place, so that it wasn't the first thing someone noticed about me, but I could still show it off if I wanted to.

Everyone and their mother is going to tell you to hang a picture of it in your room and wait at least six months to see if you actually like it. I’m glad I did it, but at the same time, I chose something that would be hard to regret putting on my body. If you are getting something that you found on Pinterest or that you saw on Facebook, those are the ones that you might want to hang up in your room for a while to make sure that you want it on your body forever. If it’s your first tattoo, wait for something meaningful. Something that feels like art to you, but may not be art to other people.

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Hannah Morrow
Hannah Morrow
Jan 24, 2019

I love this!!!!!

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