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Essential Winter Shoes For Your Closet

These Steve Madden slip-ons are extremely comfortable and I can throw them on for class with leggings or dress them up with jeans and a sweater. They have been easy to keep clean and they finish my outfits off nicely.

What I wear them with: I love them with leggings, an oversized sweater, and a newsboy hat.


Whether it's a white pair of Converse, Adidas, or Nikes, a pair of white sneakers is a wardrobe essential. I got a pair of white Fila's for Christmas and have worn them almost every day since. I do a lot of walking on campus and the thicker sole of this shoe is extremely comfortable.

What I wear them with: I usually wear these with a pair of ripped jeans, a graphic T, and a cardigan sweater. I tried wearing them with a pair of sweatpants and was questioned about my "Grandma shoes." I've learned that with these shoes I need to wear them with other trendy items from my wardrobe or I look like I'm at least 65.


I bought these shoes a little over a month ago and they are already worn out. They aren't worn out because they are cheap or poor quality, they are simply beat up because they get so much wear. Most boots with a heel are hard to wear because they cause your feet to hurt after a few hours, but I have worn these to class, to work, and out on a Friday night.

What I wear them with: These are so versatile, my go-to is a pair of ankle length jeans, a flowy tank or sweater, and a jean jacket.


Similar to the black pair of booties above, these are super comfortable. These aren't as versatile and the velvet material makes them hard to wear when the weather isn't cooperating with my fashion choices. I thought these would be a bold choice compared to most of the neutral colored shoes I have for winter.

What I wear them with: Sometimes when I have an all black outfit on I have to hunt for something in my closet to make the outfit stand out. I usually wear black jeans, a low cut black shirt, and gold earrings with these.

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I was sure that after the 8th grade I would never wear a pair of combat boots ever again and here we are. These give my outfits an edgy feel and are fun to wear with outfits that I would typically put sneakers on with. They have been good in the snow and comfortable to walk around in.

What I wear them: These look great with a pair of printed pants, a sweater or oversized T-shirt, and hoop earrings.



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