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Fashion On A Budget.

(left to right) dress- Zara, dress- Princess Polly, dress- Amazon, shirt- Aritzia, shirt- Aritzia, jeans- Agolde, plaid pants- Target, camo pants- Aritzia

Some of my favorite stores are out of my price range, so I do my best to find clothes that look high end, but are priced on the lower side. It isn’t hard to make inexpensive clothes look expensive, but only if they are worn right.

Whether it be camo, plaid, or stripes, a fun trend right now is patterned pants. It’s easy to find a pair of these pants at almost any retail store you walk into, but what shows the difference between an inexpensive pair of pants and a pair that would drain my bank account is how the patterns line up by the seam. If the pattern lines up by the seam, then the pants look much more expensive. I have pairs from Target and Forever 21 where the pattern doesn’t line up at the seam and it’s a dead giveaway that they weren’t made as well as the printed pants that I have from a store like Nordstrom or Aritzia.

I love buying printed tees from Forever 21, H&M, Goodwill, or Target. I can get multiple T-shirts for the same price of one “vintage” tee from Urban Outfitters or Pacsun. I like to pair a more inexpensive item with at least one of my clothing items that I decided to splurge on. If I choose to wear a Forever 21 tee, I might pair it with a pair of jeans from either Pacsun or Revolve, or a fun pair of shoes.

A problem I was constantly running into with buying inexpensive items was the fit. I’ve found that since the clothing items aren’t made as well that I usually size up. I’m usually a size small in stores, but when I shop at F21, H&M, Shein (online), or anywhere similar I wear a medium. After a wash or two the medium starts to fit just like a small.

The best thing you can do if you are unsure what size to order is read the reviews on any website. Reviews will let you know whether the dress you have been eyeing was actually a terrible purchase on their end, or a new favorite formal dress.

I found myself spending close to sixty dollars every time I wanted to order a new dress online, but this past summer I found that Amazon has a lot of the same dresses from Australian boutiques online made by different companies. The dresses ranged in price from ten to twenty dollars. Another great option besides Amazon is downloading apps that will allow you to buy dresses from high end retailers that are being resold. My favorite app for this is Curtsy, but Poshmark is another reliable app for buying and selling.

After spending years sticking my nose in the air at stores with cheap clothing, I now understand how important they are. I'm busy going to class and paying for food and books, but I should be able to look good while doing it. Recycle your clothes, shop at T.J. Maxx, but don't forget to spoil yourself every once in awhile. No one knows the price of your clothes, but you, so own your outfit with confidence and you won't only look expensive, but you'll feel it.


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