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Books For A Better You

So new year, new you, but you don’t know where to start? Here are some of the best self-help books that I read in 2018 that I think made a big difference in my life.

It can be hard to walk into a book store and hope to find a book that will offer the wisdom and advice you have been searching for. The small summary provided on the back never seems to do a book justice so hopefully the wisdom I gained from each of these books can be helpful.

1. You are a Badass | by: Jen Sincero

I read this over the summer while I was on vacation and would have plenty of time to reflect on it. I felt more empowered the deeper I read into the book. I felt myself nodding in agreement with Sincero and stopping in between sentences to ask myself why I hadn’t been living this way for years. This book made me realize how valuable I am to my friends and family, to society, and even to myself. This book was brutally honest and didn’t hold back. It gave me a desire to learn new things. I forgot how much I actually enjoyed learning new things when it wasn’t for school or for a job. I started reading classic books, watching photography courses online, and diving deeper into my faith. It was the kick in the butt I had needed all year to get myself in gear. I realized that if I’m not cheering on myself in every small success in life, then why should anyone else?

2. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F* | by: Mark Manson

I would like to think that I do a pretty good job of not caring what anyone thinks of me, but living in 2019 with the presence of social media, I feel pressured to succeed and impress in all aspects of life. I know I’m not alone in wanting others to lust after my life, even if my life is only glamorous through a phone screen and the sixty posts on my Instagram. I certainly desire to be like half of the other girls I see on social media. Manson made the point that if you stop giving a F* about all of the irrelevant things in your life and start to focus that negative energy toward only the significant problems that warrant you giving a F*, than you’re cutting so much dissatisfaction and unhappiness that you were causing yourself out of your life. I don’t have to spend hours a day scrolling through social media or spend any time out of my day feeling sorry for myself because I’m not a model, rich, or famous. I could instead spend that time counting my blessings, praying, or get up and do something productive with my day.

3. Girl, Wash Your Face | by: Rachel Hollis

I read this book at the very end of 2018, and it was the perfect book to end the year on. Hollis describes struggles she encountered throughout her life each chapter and all of them are relatable. She is open about being a Christian, making mistakes, and being human. I struggle with thinking that I can’t do certain things or write about certain things without being judged as a Christian, but I loved that she laid that to rest by discussing all of her wild moments along with her love of Jesus. She made it very clear that she isn’t perfect and it made me feel comforted knowing that I will never be perfect no matter how hard I try. She made me realize that I’m my own best friend, my own hero, and that I need to be taking better care of myself.


I hope this was a little helpful and that you give these books a try and each one impacts you just as much as they did me.


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