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5 Things I Would Change About My 21st Birthday

So I turned 21 last week and had big plans as to how I was going to spend my actual birthday, but I got so caught up in the excitement of being able to legally drink and going to the bars the night I turned 21 that I spent my entire birthday on my bathroom floor.

It’s basically a right of passage to drink yourself into the ground on your 21st, so I guess if this was a test, I passed with flying colors. As much fun as I had on my 21st, here are five things I would have done differently had I been a bit smarter:

1. Don’t Drink Hard Liquor Before You Even Get To The Bar

I planned on sipping some wine, so that I would barely even be tipsy by the time I got to the bars. That plan didn't exactly work out for me. After I threw back a four loko, a few shots, and some wine I was the level of drunk you should be at the end of the night, not the beginning.

2. Designate One Friend “The Photographer” Or Make It Known That You Want Pictures With Everyone Before You Start Drinking

The two pictures I have from my birthday are of me at midnight with my ID on my forehead and another of me the next morning hungover on my bathroom floor. I would have loved to have actually taken a picture or two with my friends or a picture of me smiling. There’s nothing wrong with the two funny pictures that I do have, but if I did it all over again, I would take the time to take some more put-together pictures.


I had a sandwich, but I should have ate something with a little more protein and substance. I also should have ate it later in the night. By the time I started drinking I was already hungry again. Trust me, you’ll be happier in the morning if you take care of yourself before you go out.

4. Don’t Open A Tab At The Bar

Thankfully my debit card stayed in my purse on my birthday, but I can only imagine how much money I would have spent had I opened a tab. “Oh, ya one more shot, just put it on my tab…” I would have been buying drinks for half the bar knowing me. If you’re anything like me when you’ve been drinking, then I suggest you bring out cash or ask a friend to carry your card.

5. Don’t Listen To Judgement

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I should have done X or should have done Y, but in the end, I had fun, made it home safe, and it’s a funny story. These are just some suggestions, so that you don’t make all of the same mistakes I did. You only turn 21 once, so make sure you make it something you’ll never forget, or better, something you’ll never remember.


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